Export your theater

  After more than 15 years of experience as a performing arts manager specialising in international festivals, I have decided to put together a short but useful Masterclass. This will be delivered via video conference and is available to any company or artist that needs help to access the international festivals touring market.
This short one-on-one lesson draws on my many years of experience and a little common sense. I’ve also recently undertaken a research survey, seeking input from the artistic directors of a number of very relevant festivals. This is a type of research that, as far as I know, nobody has done before, and what I’ve learned will feed directly into the Masterclass.

The survey is now almost finalised. The data I have collected from it is amazing and, what is more important, it is FRESH. Some of the questions were:

What are the most common mistakes companies make?
What is your main criteria when choosing a show?
What is the best way to contact you to promote a show?
How can an email/video be improved?
Where do you normally go to see live shows?

Interested in knowing the collected results? Do you want to increase your chances of being chosen? Do you want me to check over your show/promo material? Are you open and willing to change and accept constructive criticism?

If so, it is very easy: email me at info@davidberga.cat and let’s schedule a 90-minute chat over Skype/Zoom/Hangouts. Together we’ll face the 2021 season in far better conditions.
This small investment will pay off many times over, and now is exactly the right time to do it.
Duration of the online tutorial: 90 minutes
Price: 40 euros (some concessions available)
Languages: English, French, Italian, Catalan, Spanish, Portuguese
Contact: info@davidberga.cat
Website: http://www.davidberga.cat
Who am I?
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My name is David Berga. Starting as a performer, for the past fifteen years I have focused on working as an international manager/booker for companies from Europe and the USA.
I have taken them to literally hundreds of funded festivals, fringe festivals, showcases and fairs in North and South America, Asia, Africa, Australia and all over.
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(by countries and extensively: France, Portugal, Italy, Ireland, Denmark, Basque Country, Czech Republic, Flanders, Spain, Scotland, Wales, England, Wallonie, Ireland, Catalonia, Austria, Armenia, USA, Quebec, Ecuador, Brazil, Costa Rica, South Africa, Australia, India, China, Singapore, Korea, Germany, Switzerland, Slovenia, New Zealand, Norway, Finland, Russia, Jordan and more )
Some of the companies I have worked with include
Red Bastard (USA)
EFS (Catalonia)
Paolo Nani (Italy/Denmark)
Mr. Image (The Netherlands)
Jam (Catalonia)
Bandart (Hungary)
Sienta La Cabeza (Brazil/Catalonia)
Parallel Exit (USA)
Ljud (Slovenia)
Hermanos Oligor (Spain)
Christian Atanasiu (Germany/Catalonia)
Tom Greder (OZ/ Switzerland)
Bedlam Oz (Australia/UK)
Carlo Mo (Catalonia)
Third Handers (Slovenia)
Marcel.lí Antúnez (Catalonia)
Laitrum/Toti Toronell (Catalonia)
La Reial (Catalonia)
Always Drinking Marching Band (Catalonia)
Au Ments (Balearic Islands)
Actúa (Catalonia)
Txo Titelles (Catalonia)