An automaton side show/installation

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Automatàrium is an installation inspired by the fairground attraction of coin-activated automatons constructed in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

In this installation, actors are located within individual booths made of wood and methacrylate (imitating the old buildings) and activated with coins that the audience inserts in a slot.

Once a coin is inserted, colored bulbs light up and circus music plays. The performers begin mimicking the robotic and cyclical movements of the automatons, enacting short actions with elements of comedy, circus, magic, storytelling, song, and mime…

Below, are teasers of the outdoor version in Singapore Night Festival, the tent version at La Mercè Festival in Barcelona, and the indoor version at the Contemporary Arts Museum of Barcelona (MACBA):

The show has been to the following festivals:

Come and See Showcase (Catalonia)

Festival Comic de Figueres  (Catalonia)

Firatarrega  (Catalonia)

ITFOK Festival (India)

SESC Sao Paulo  Festival de circo (Brazil)

Festival Mundial do Circo (Brazil)

El Parc De Les Meravelles  (Catalonia)

Merce Arts de Carrer Festival  (Catalonia)

Freiburg Kulturboerse (Germany)

Pforzheim Festival (Germany)

Fito Festival (Galicia)

Fundao Festival (Portugal)

Palo Alto Market (Catalonia)

Schloss Spektakel (Germany)

Terrassa modernist fair (Catalonia)

Barcelona modernist fair (Catalonia)

Mostra Igualada (Catalonia)

MACBA museum (Catalonia)

Xalaro Festival (Catalonia)

Argentona Festa Major (Catalonia)

MAF Festival (Spain)

Canet’s modernist fair (Catalonia)

L’Escala, Festa Major (Catalonia)

Miramiro Festival (Belgium)

Sziget Festival (Hungary)

University of Florida (USA)

Singapore Night Festival (Singapore)

Show recommended by Time Out Barcelona. See article HERE

Tech specs/Dossier by clickingAUTOMATARIUM

As you can see in this video here, the show is good both for outdoors/indoors