Catalan and International Theatre

Be very welcome to my new website. I’m pleased to introduce you to some of the visual/non text based/street shows I represent internationally. Please look into the menu below and start looking at the short promo videos of my roster. I completely love all this shows, there is nothing I promote that I don’t really like and I know you are going to fall in love with some of them too! Please feel free to write me for further info.

“DOS VIDAS. ZWEI LEBEN” (How much inequality can a global friendship take?) By Klara Theater

“PALMASOLA” by KLARA Theater (a prison-town)

“YOUGUR” by Carlo Mô (a contemporary sisyphus-clown)

“eMe” by Carlo Mô (One clown. Two crutches. Zero legs)

“PANORAMA: KINO THEATRE” by Tom Greder (a rotating theatrical experience)


“SIENTA LA CABEZA” by Sienta LaCabeza (performance of fantastic sculptural hairstyles)