“SIENTA LA CABEZA” by Sienta LaCabeza (performance of fantastic sculptural hairstyles)


An artistic hairdressing show with a musical groove

Get your head together!

An artistic hairdressing show with a musical groove.

The Catalan group from Barcelona takes an excentric and colourful beauty salon onstage, where creation and fantasy have no limit. With two hairdressers and a DJ, the show recycles and transforms quotidian things into unique objects that give the final touch to the stunning head sculptures created live on the more daring members of the public.

Together with the music, the hairstyles recreate a universe full of fantasy where the wildest dreams are possible. Sienta la Cabeza combines hairdressing and art to give a new meaning to audience participation, whilst the music creates an exotic soundtrack that adds dimension and colour to creation of the hairstyles.

Literally a show that will make your hair stand on end, this is for you to see , hear, and try… if you dare!

More under: http://www.sientalacabeza.com