A sheep, exiled and excommunicated from her island community for her adventurous spirit, ends up in the city… Is it dangerous to be different? Can she find a new herd here? And can a sheep dance and sing like a superstar?

A show directed by Sergi Estebanell (Cia. Kamchàtka)

Carlo Mô in this adventure only carries a doormat in search of his home, past home,
present or future.
But the important thing is not the place, but the time you live in – the hours, minutes,
seconds…-. Time that flies by, time that doesn’t pass, time lost, dead time, stop time… all the adjectives that give meaning to time. And, of course, who you live with, the need for family and friends.

Nobody buries their loved ones anymore. The new funeral mode is cremation. Grave diggers now can’t find work, just like these pallbearers who wander through the city with a coffin: although of good humour about the old days, they are preoccupied with their dying art and the dead end which lies before them…

This is way too serious to be sad about it…

Street show, clown & physical humor without text. 2 versions: walk act or 40 minutes fix on the spot

 ****Awarded Best Foreign Performance in Ansan Street Arts Festival ’08 (Korea)****

Carlo Mô appears with a wall on his back, carrying everything he finds, with his absurd survival instinct.

Like the burdens of life, all this sometimes becomes something beloved and necessary, and other times a useless and endless work, similar to that of Sisyphus in Greek mythology or that of Diogenes accumulating emotions and memories.

Absurdity gives meaning to his life and perhaps to ours.

Outdoors version teaser (Indoors, below)

Indoors version:

A journey towards the discovery of solutions to physical and emotional limitations

Director: Leandre Ribera

To see, not just look. To experience, not just sense.

PANORAMA redefines the theatrical experience as its rotating viewing cabinet transforms reality into fantasy, provoking our senses and re-mystifying the world we inhabit.

PANORAMA’s innovative approach to theatre is based on a pop-up structure which rotates 360º on its own axis. Through a window, the audience experiences the world outside. Over progressive rotations that world starts to change, evolve, abstract. Not just through the actions and interventions of the actors outside, but also through the general public, who find themselves becoming an integral part the story. The observer is no longer simply a consumer of theatre, but co-creator of it.

Transport/travel costs, potentially covered by Pro Helvetia (ask us for details)


An automaton side show/installation

foto nocturna bona

Automatàrium is an installation inspired by the fairground attraction of coin-activated automatons constructed in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.

In this installation, actors are located within individual booths made of wood and methacrylate (imitating the old buildings) and activated with coins that the audience inserts in a slot.

Once a coin is inserted, colored bulbs light up and circus music plays. The performers begin mimicking the robotic and cyclical movements of the automatons, enacting short actions with elements of comedy, circus, magic, storytelling, song, and mime…

Below, are teasers of the outdoor version in Singapore Night Festival, the tent version at La Mercè Festival in Barcelona, and the indoor version at the Contemporary Arts Museum of Barcelona (MACBA):

The show has been to the following festivals:

Come and See Showcase (Catalonia)

Festival Comic de Figueres  (Catalonia)

Firatarrega  (Catalonia)

ITFOK Festival (India)

SESC Sao Paulo  Festival de circo (Brazil)

Festival Mundial do Circo (Brazil)

El Parc De Les Meravelles  (Catalonia)

Merce Arts de Carrer Festival  (Catalonia)

Freiburg Kulturboerse (Germany)

Pforzheim Festival (Germany)

Fito Festival (Galicia)

Fundao Festival (Portugal)

Palo Alto Market (Catalonia)

Schloss Spektakel (Germany)

Terrassa modernist fair (Catalonia)

Barcelona modernist fair (Catalonia)

Mostra Igualada (Catalonia)

MACBA museum (Catalonia)

Xalaro Festival (Catalonia)

Argentona Festa Major (Catalonia)

MAF Festival (Spain)

Canet’s modernist fair (Catalonia)

L’Escala, Festa Major (Catalonia)

Miramiro Festival (Belgium)

Sziget Festival (Hungary)

University of Florida (USA)

Singapore Night Festival (Singapore)

Show recommended by Time Out Barcelona. See article HERE

Tech specs/Dossier by clickingAUTOMATARIUM

As you can see in this video here, the show is good both for outdoors/indoors


“The most dangerous animal in the world” by Jazzville productions

“hOy” by Carlo Mô (a clown lost in time)

“Humortal” by Jam (a “funereal” street show)

“YOUGUR” by Carlo Mô (a contemporary Sisyphus-clown, directed by Leandre)

“eMe” by Carlo Mô (One clown. Two crutches. Zero legs)

“PANORAMA: KINO THEATRE” by Tom Greder (a rotating theatrical experience)


“SIENTA LA CABEZA” by Sienta LaCabeza (performance of fantastic sculptural hairstyles)